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Collateral refers to assets pledged as security for a loan or other financial transactions. In the context of Delta6Labs, collateral is used to secure margin trading positions. Users can deposit their cryptocurrencies as collateral to access leverage and increase their trading power on the platform. Collateralized trading allows users to amplify their potential profits but also exposes them to higher risks. Therefore, Delta6Labs provides robust risk management tools and monitoring systems to help users manage their collateral effectively.

The platform offers competitive margin rates and flexible collateral options, allowing traders to tailor their positions according to their risk appetite and trading strategies. Security measures such as cold storage and multi-signature wallets are implemented to safeguard users’ collateral assets from theft or unauthorized access.

Collateral Service

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Flexible Collateral Options

Delta6Labs offers flexible collateral options, allowing users to deposit a variety of cryptocurrencies as collateral for margin trading. This flexibility enables traders to optimize their collateral composition based on their risk tolerance and market outlook.

Margin Call Management

The platform provides robust margin call management tools to help users maintain adequate collateral levels and avoid liquidation. Real-time notifications and automatic liquidation safeguards are implemented to protect users from margin calls and minimize potential losses.

Collateralization Ratios

Delta6Labs specifies collateralization ratios for margin trading positions, ensuring that users maintain sufficient collateral to cover their outstanding obligations. Margin requirements are transparently communicated, allowing users to make informed decisions about their trading activity.


Users can cross-collateralize their assets across multiple trading pairs and derivatives contracts on Delta6Labs' platform. This feature enhances capital efficiency and enables users to maximize their trading power while minimizing the need for additional collateral.

Collateral Rewards Program

Delta6Labs rewards users who provide collateral for margin trading with incentives such as reduced trading fees, bonus interest, and access to exclusive features. The collateral rewards program incentivizes users to participate in margin trading and contribute to the liquidity of the platform.

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